A culture is the joy of living
and the beauty of living
– Frank Lloyd Wright

Landscape Design

The landscape is the element which brings completeness to any project.  It enhances the character of the buildings and establishes the total site as an environment.  Landscape Architecture is a part of the Architecture.

Landscape Architecture must take into consideration the following aspects…
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The Site

  • Terrain
  • Drainage and retention
  • Nature ecology
  • Sun/shade requirements and advantages
  • Watering needs and availability
  • Soil composition

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The Building

  • Axis on site
  • Dimensions – height, mass, etc.
  • Accent the entrance
  • Complement building materials and colors
  • Soften and highlight

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The Vegetation

  • Height and texture
  • Color and contrast
  • Focal point of design
  • Secondary plantings

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The Practical

  • Softening of parking area
  • Color and contrast
  • Strategic lighting
  • Good watering system

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The Human Needs

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Peaceful
  • Balance
  • Enhance site and structures
  • Designed for safety and visibility
  • Stimulates the senses

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As a licensed Landscape Architectural firm, we take all these aspects into consideration as we design an exterior environment.  Our major goal on any project is to enhance the site and provide a functional and aesthetic environment for the people that will come into contact with the site.

Commercial Landscape Designs


Residential Landscape Designs