The Cardinal Sin of Architecture
is overdoing anything
– Frank Lloyd Wright

SBH Designs is an architectural, architectural landscape design and planning firm.  With over 17 years of experience, the firm provides a full range of services.  The firm has provided services for industrial, commercial, residential, hotels, resorts and churches.  SBH Designs bases its practice on these fundamental principles:

  • Imaginative design appropriate to its environment and function
  • Meticulous planning sensitive to the varied needs of the client.
  • Constant and close attention to the budgetary requirements of the client at all times.

SBH Designs is structured to provide complete services throughout the project.  This team of principal, staff and affiliates provide a blending of talent to achieve comprehensive solutions for a dynamic and ever-changing era.

This firm is committed to client satisfaction and works toward successful communication throughout the project.  The responsiveness to the clients needs sets it apart as a architectural firm.